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The Degenderator is a toilet signage improvement campaign to help de-gender all bathrooms, to help all people feel welcome and safe.

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 A changing sign for changing times.

The Degenderator is an intervention on toilet signage. It forever animates between a person-in-pants and a person-in-a-dress.

The Degenderator is an activism campaign which hopes to accelerate the de-gendering of all public bathrooms.

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Hey lil buddy!

Hey lil buddy!

The degenderator automaton

The cutest bathroom buddy ever to grace your eyeballs.

  • Runs 18+ months on included AA batteries hidden in legs!

  • Made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, Like Lego® bricks. Strong!

  • 20cm/8”in tall, but less than 2.5cm/1”in thick. Stays close to the wall!

  • Automatically resumes motion after interference from curious fingers

  • Can be mounted with included high-strength mounting tape or with screws through detachable plate. Convenient!

  • Also stands on feet for use as a desktop office toy!

The degenderator bathroom sign

Rectangular, unambiguous, legal— The perfect bathroom sign.

  • Legal for public use in all 50 US states, it is ADA Compliant with tactile lettering and braille.

  • Satisfies labelling requirements of cities and states with gender neutral mandates. (See map below)

  • Reversible for installations in both accessible and non-accessible restrooms.

  • Uses Sara Hendren’s better International Symbol of Access (ISA) as now required by New York and Connecticut (and allowed in the rest of the USA)

  • Made from the same black impact-resistant ABS plastic as the Degenderator, for a perfect match that will resist decades of cleaning.

  • Standard US door sign dimensions of 152mm/6”in wide and 222mm/8.75” tall, should fit perfectly over any old, boring sign.

  • Note that public-use restrooms in California will need to update their large circle or triangle signs to be a triangle within a circle in order to comply with California-only law.

  • Mountable with included high-strength mounting tape, silicone adhesive, or both for ease of installation. Simply mount with inaccurate side facing the wall!

Two sides of the same coin…sign.

Two sides of the same coin…sign.

100% of all proceeds are funneled into making more signs and giving them away!

What you get

You probably have access to a lot of bathrooms! You probably have a home, a workplace, and a few businesses you frequent. In order to maximize the degenderization, I decided to sell all Degenderators in packs of 3. Then you will have a few extras to give away as gifts to a bathroom user in your life. To further maximize the degendering, your purchase funds the donation of 3 signs to an LGBTQIA+ activist or organization! The dolls are not being donated.

These 3-packs will cost $49 in the Kickstarter campaign, and probably much more afterward.

Real world consequences of segregated restrooms

Why are we doing this?


Almost 60 percent of transgender Americans have avoided using public restrooms for fear of confrontation Source


30% of trans and GNC people have eaten or drUnk less to prevent the need to use the bathroom

Rates of urinary tract infections s and kidney damage are very high in these marginalized communities as a consequence of restroom avoidance. Source

Timeline of previous bathroom degendering campaigns:

  • In 2014 Sam Killermann drew a toilet and declared the toilet iconography debate over, having managed to clearly communicate what lies behind the doors of western restrooms.

  • Later in 2014, it took off and a manufacturer began producing the signs, offering them free of charge to qualifying organizations/campuses

  • In 2016, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to mass-produce similar signs to engage in degendering of public restrooms. While the Degenderator team admires their campaign, no affiliation or endorsement exists between the Degenderator and the Degenderettes, just very similar names.

  • 2018, the Stalled! project combines critical design and critical theory where academics (Including architect Joel Sanders, law professor Terry Kogan, and trans historian/activist Susan Stryker) try to design the ideal restroom to suit the needs of as many people as possible.

  • In 2019 Stalled! members successfully amended the 2021 International Plumbing code, which will eventually allow multi-occupant inclusive restrooms to be built without complex variance procedures all over the USA.

Statewide Mandate City-specific Mandates United States: All-Gender Mandates For Single-user Public Restrooms Alaska Hawaii Austin Denver Seattle California New Mexico Illinois Vermont Cleveland New York City Philadelphia Washington, D.C.

The Degenderator kits were designed primarily to be deployed in the United States, where toilet facilities have become a very politicized topic. Several states and municipalities have proposed laws that restrict, endanger, and humiliate trans people by preventing them from accessing toilet facilities that match their gender.  Most of these bills were quickly overturned or repealed, thanks to tireless, ongoing activist efforts. Obviously, the transphobia that drives such restrictions remains pervasive.

Several US states and cities have mandated that all public single occupant restrooms be all gender facilities. California, New Mexico, Vermont, Illinois, Washington DC, New York City, Denver, Seattle, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Austin have laws now, and more laws are passing every month. Based on some rough math, 10 million+ bathrooms have been legally de-gendered in the past 5 years. Compliance with these laws is very low, this project strives to spread awareness to business owners that they are out of compliance, and make it easy for them to fix the issue.

The Degenderator is not the first bathroom sign subversion project, nor do I think it is the best, but I hope that the novelty of the kinetic element will bring attention to the issues and continue dialogues about why all-gender toilet facilities are better for everyone.

For this campaign, I plan to provide the signs free of charge and free of stipulations to any queer or trans* activist or space who requests them. Folks who sign up to receive free Degenderators are welcome to do with them as they wish, ranging from gifting them to LGTBQIA+ spaces to installing them without permission. I personally only condone the sudden de-gendering of single-person toilets, as significant owner cooperation would be required to architecturally convert a multi-stall facility to a safe space for all


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